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Orange describes a personality that is outgoing, Dynamic, fun-loving and affectionate. When this is the color that inspires you and brings out the best, this is what it reveals about you.

  • No design will ever be repeated. true Limited design.
  • Leather.
  • Heel Height 2.5 Inch
  • The sole features a custom orange rubber with a removable plastic film for extra protection that can easily be removed upon wearing.
  • Sheep Leather insole, for more comfort and softness.
  • Padded footbed.


A Trademark Of Tastefulness To Tag Yourself: ‘I Am Complicated!’ A Strong Statement Of Your Sophistication And Attitude. It’s A High Quality Brown Leather Shoe, Featuring A Square Toe And A Metallic Chain At Ankle, Cushioned Inner Sole, It Has A Round Bottom And A Mid Block Wooden Heel, An Orange Base Sole, For A Comfortable Fit.

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